Rohini Global

Rohini Global is an organization that strives to create a happy healthy humanity by offering Indian traditional system of health care (both preventive and curative) in the most reliable and easy to access form.

A dedicated team of professionals specialized in traditional medicine, herbal research and entrepreneurial skills, work incessantly to achieve this.


Rohini began its humble journey with just 9 unique herbal products in the year 1996. Dr. E. Mayisveran, an expert Homoepath and a passionate traditional medicine believer formulated a broad array of traditional herbal daily use and medicinal compositions and decided that they need to be validated before they reach the common man for his everyday benefit.

So, he identified and decided to collaborate with Dr. P. Thirugnanasambantham, a Scientist with a strong phytochemistry background who had standardized more than 500 traditional medicines at the R&D Labs of IMPCOPS, TamilNadu State Government’s largest traditional medicines manufacturer.

And thus, Rohini Global started its unique venture of combining Traditional healing power with Modern age scientific validation and has ever since been offering its Customers and Consumers a happier healthier lifestyle, on the whole.

The Journey

When approaching the common public with these extraordinarily simple everyday Herbal products, the primary question the team face is: “Is it possible to store herbs in a modern packing without losing its efficacy?”

The product ambassadors, distributors and sellers help the public understand very critical facts about the Traditional system of daily health care and cures and for this, Team Rohini continually gather valid, authentic evidences with very strong scientific backing.

Rohini R&D, Rohini Holistic Health Care Center and Rohini Institute were the outcome of all the above, which helps the Team Rohini to provide a complete package of Natural Living to the current day public.


Rohini’s logo is a reflection of its powerful motto.

The stretched out arms with an herb in hand marching on top of the world, indicates the freedom for Mankind from the effects of harmful and artificial chemicals that are all around us in today’s world, via the Herbal way.

Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Belief system

Our Mission
To offer safe herbal products at affordable cost

Our Vision
To create a Happy, Healthy Humanity

Our Belief System
Rohini strongly believes that ‘Food is medicine and Medicine is food’. The present day food is either intentionally loaded with harmful chemicals or, denatured unknowingly. By educating the common man about the evils of these harmful changes around us and providing safe herbal food supplements / medicines / cosmetics, Rohini believes that, this is one of the surest ways to make people live a happy and healthy life!