• Dissolves/Expels Urinary Stones
  • Prevents and completely relieves all types of Urinary tract infections
  • Tones up Urinary tract functioning
  • Restores balance quantity of Urine excretion
  • Helps in Gout, Prostrate disorders
  • Add-on therapy for CRF

  • Siru-peelai/Astmabayda
  • Nerinji
  • Varuna/Mavilinga pattai
  • Makali
  • Alum/Padikaram
  • Badrashma/Lime Silicate
  • Radhish Seeds
  • Mootrala/Kalloorvanchi

  • 60  Count

  • One or two capsules three times a day before food or as directed by Physician

  • Lithontriptic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Diuretic

  • Capsules

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