Rohini Education Institute


With a huge repository of study material, bountiful of knowledge in ITSM, Rohini’s Education Institute, EHEART, offers, interested and eligible students the valuable opportunity to earn a basic or add-on Certification in the different specialty areas of Alternate/Complimentary systems of Medicine and Treatment. We also conduct training programs, awareness programs and workshops to interested candidates on promoting and educating about the ways of healthy living, natural lifestyle and herbal entrepreneurship.


Having fully understood the importance of our ancestral knowledge on health, medicine and lifestyle, the strong belief in their wisdom and the lacuna in transforming them to the next generation, Rohini decided to pick the baton and run for this cause. Thanks to this thought this educational institute was started.

University approved Diploma Courses


Approved Course List


Special Programs

Besides university approved courses, Rohini also conducts other special social programs like workshops, Symposium collaborations, seminars, public awareness events relating to enriching and guiding Students and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

We collaborate with popular community support organizations like the Rotary Club, Lion’s club etc. We also conduct these programs in interested Universities, Colleges and requesting Community centers.


These special programs conducted are spread across a wide geographic spread across all of Tamilnadu, and key locations in Karnataka and Goa.