Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have herbal products that take care of women?

Rohini offers a variety of herbal food supplements / Medicines.  If consumed regularly prevent many women’s disorders like painful menstruation, hairfall, anemia, infertility, white discharge PCOD etc could be prevented.

Female physician are available with Rohini to offer consultation and treatment procedure as well. For further enquiry please contact 044-26561778 / 9677009443.

I want to avail and offer all the services of Rohini’s to others. What is the procedure?

Rohini offers different categories of herbal food supplements & health services as well.

To avail all of these one has to become a member of RHC-Rohini Health Club. You may contact 044-40194570 / 044-26561778 / 9677009443 to become a RHC member and get services.

Are there herbs that will help maintain hair?

Of course. For the hair to grow healthy essential nutrients like protein, Vit-A, calcium, iron etc are needed. besides applying hair shampoo hair oil, conditioner etc. sufficient food supplements should also be taken internally. Rohini provides both internal and external herbal food supplements & cosmetics to maintain hair healthy & lengthy.

Few herbal products that help maintaining hair:-

Rumi Dermoshine, spirulina plus, Herbomalt & external applications like Hairtone , Neelibringadhi hair oil, Amla shampoo.

Do we need antioxidants daily?

  • Yes, we do need antioxidants to protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules. Experts believe this damage is a factor in the development of blood vessel disease (atherosclerosis), cancer, and other factors.
  • Regular intake of antioxidant on a daily basis will surely prevent a good number of lifestyle disorders & diseases.
  • Rumi herbals offer a wide range of antioxidant rich herbal food supplements.

To mention a few products:- Rumi Vilva, Rumi Viveha, Rumi Aswa etc.


What are the natural ways to prevent lifestyle disorders?

Thanks to the technology, physical activities of many individuals have gone down without compromising the productivity. This result in lifestyle disorders like high BP, diabetes, obesity, joint pain ( Arthritis ) etc.

Regular intake of herbal food supplements & doing few yogasanas as maintenance will prevent many such disorders. Rohini provides total health concept right from breathing exercises to using many herbal food supplements & medicines. A team of qualified & experienced doctors from different traditional systems of medicine offer consultations both in person / online. One may contact them to choose the right products.