Rohini Health Club Member

With a very minimal investment that would primarily contribute to purchase of the start-up package of products, eligible individual can become a Rohini Health Club Member and initiate their relationship with the Rohini Business circle.

And, with Rohini’s support, such Health Club Member can upgrade themselves into Retail Business Owners with a nominal additional investment which will also exclusively contribute towards extending their Product stock to serve their prospective consumers.

Rohini Retail Distributor (A Micro Enterprise)

Be it an individual who wants to start a retail business afresh or a Health Club member that is looking to upgrade, Rohini offers that opportunity to get started with your very own Retail business through direct selling with an established business model.

With a very basic sales experience, like-minded network and basic investment, a Rohini Retail Distributor can make a wholesome earning working right from their home. And, progressive and consistent sellers enjoy an encouraging incentive support.

And, when the Retail seller gains the confidence to scale up to a larger stock and wider consumer base, Rohini provide the option to become a Wholesale Seller.


Rohini Wholesale Distributor (A Macro Enterprise)

Especially skilled in Sales of Rohini’s Herbal supplies along with an established experience in Rohini’s Business model will gain an individual the opportunity to become a Wholesale Direct Seller within Rohini.

Rohini’s Macro business owner spread their wings across multiple portals of sales which lead to such many portals of earning:

  • Wholesale distribution to Retail consumers leading to a larger Wholesale turn-over
  • Retain the personal retail distribution base thus continuing to receive the routine Retail income
  • And, some very attractive additional incentives, based on performance and entrepreneurial efforts

With an Exclusive consumer and customer base, the Wholesale Home Business can turn into a Commercial Enterprise. Rohini enables this transformation and helps create a powerful high-end Entrepreneur with an Exclusive business profile and model to proudly own and operate.

Rohini Health Franchise Hub (Herbalaya)

With two decades of extensive experience in guiding thousands of Herbal Entrepreneurs, Rohini guides, strongly aspiring and highly driven existing or new Entrepreneurs who wishes to build, own and develop a complete Herbal Health Hub which give them these advantages:

  • Individual business is elevated to a Branded zone of Exclusivity
  • Enables them to provide varied services beyond product based Herbal care