Rumi Herbals

Rumi Herbals is our prime supplier of herbal food supplements, herbal medicines and a few external care Products. Located in Ayanambakkam, Chennai, Rumi Herbals is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified with high end manufacturing infrastructure and a team of highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Rumi manufactures and supplies 48 herbal products in 65 different packaging.

A standard laboratory that does in-house R&D, performs standardized Quality Checks, right from testing the quality of raw materials to the validating the efficacy of finished goods. Maintaining high level of quality in all products, consistently, is one of the key strengths of our manufacturers.

Nature Shine Herbals

Nature Shine Herbals is our second major supplier of products. They supply about 10 herbal cosmetics products in 14 different packaging. Nature Shine Herbals is also a GMP certified company with compliant infrastructure and a dedicated QC laboratory.  All stakes of this organization are wholly owned by distributors of Rohini’s products and is operated on a successful profit sharing model right from its inception.

Kathiravan & Malar Womens’ Self Help Group

This is one of Rohini’s proud Social Welfare collaborations, where 5 of our cosmetic products (Hand-made Soaps) in 8 different packaging, are skillfully manufactured by only Women workers who are a part of a Women’s Self Help Group (K&M).

Certifications and Accolades

Both our primary Manufacturing Partners: Rumi Herbals Pvt Ltd and Natureshine Herbals Pvt Ltd are certified by the Government of Tamilnadu and given GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification by the State Drug Licensing Authority, thanks to their high standards of manufacturing practices.

Infrastructure set-up adheres to GMP norms with periodic checks and validations to maintain the same. Product manufacturing is done by high end Automated and semi-automated machinery.

Formulation and Quality Control

Formulations are done by experienced In-house Scientists together with Ayurvedic and Siddha physicians. All the quality control parameters are checked as per GLP norms. Quality is consistently ascertained through batch to batch testing and analysis. Standard methodologies as per WHO guidelines for plant drugs, standards established by AYUSH, API (Ayurveda Pharmacopea of India), SPI (Siddha Pharmacopea of India) and FSSI (Food Safety Standard Authority of India) are together used to maintain the quality of all the raw materials and end products, alike.


All our Ingredients (Raw Materials) used in formulations are guided and sources from ancient ITSM texts and standard ITSM prescribed text books. All the raw materials are tested in our QC lab for compliance with API/SPI standards and protocol, prior to its use in the formulation processes.

More than 200 pure high quality herbs are sourced to our Manufacturing Partners from very reliable suppliers. Every batch of supply comes with a COA (Certificate of Analysis) to assure consistent quality.

Manufacturing Methods

A well trained team of Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing experts engage in the Production process in a sterile environment adhering to GMP guidelines.