Pioneer performers

Long running consistent high performing entrepreneurs who not only run a successful business on their own but are also actively involved in specialized health care services along with communal humanity based activities gain an end-to-end backing in all these aspects from the Rohini’s entire in-house business sustenance teams.


High achieving and Strongly motivated leaders of the Business receive multiple forms of incentives and rewards for every bit of hard and smart work they put in.

Incentives are offered at individual, team and larger group levels, that encourage a Community based model of running a Business that in turn provides a powerful moral support and strength to everyone in the team.



Committed topline achievers work as pillars to provide a structured model for new comers and small time business owners and these Leaders are recognized for their beyond the ‘call of duty’ roles.

These leaders receive the highest levels of rewards and incentives that provide them the opportunity for achieving their life goals both personally and professionally.