Social Responsibility

We make a LIVING with what we GET. But we make a LIFE with what we GIVE.

Rohini believes and function entirely based on this practice. We consider our responsibility of “giving back” to the society, the humanity and to the World as a whole, as one of our Primary purposes of Existence. Our Mission, Vision and Belief system guides us and serves us well in accomplishing this.

Awareness on Good Health

We motivate, guide and organize internal and external teams of Health specialists to conduct FREE Health Awareness programs and workshops. Rohini’s in-house Health Experts conduct these FREE Awareness Programs independently and also in collaboration with renown and elite service-based institutions like the Rotary Club, the Lions’ Club etc.

Special Days Celebration

Rohini Team never misses a chance to emphasis on the every single Health related uprisings. And, one such initiative is highlight and work elaborately to utilize, marked Special Days like World Arthritis Day, World Health Day, World Diabetes Day etc. We help people benefit, not just by helping them understand the use of Indian Traditional Medicine Systems in treating incurable Ailments, but also making available the necessary course of treatments/preventive health care support in various forms (like Free Health Workshops, Free Health Camps etc.)

Collaborations to Highlight ITSM

Many Government institutions and Health Service-based Organizations have recognized and best utilized the services of Rohini to propagate the goodness and wealth of our own ancient treasure – The Indian Traditional Systems of Medicine.

Promote Independent Good Living

In the process of leading Humanity through the Natural way of Life, we also provide some of the best possible avenues to make a LIVING. We create Leaders with our in-house Resource teams; Leaders who make a genuine Living for themselves and help huge communities of people to do the same. And, this Living is made solely through helping people live a better Life.


Rohini offers structured, organized, formal education in the form of Academic, Research and Job oriented Diploma/Certificate courses in collaboration with, and approved by renowned, affiliated Universities throughout Tamilnadu. These courses are organized and conducted by Rohini’s registered Education Institution.

– Certificate in Herbal Entrepreneurship
– Certificate in Herbal Science
– Certificate in Herbal Nutraceuticals Marketing
– Diploma in Acupuncture
– Diploma in Varma and Massage
– Diploma in Yogic Science and Education

Several educational institutions also conduct Technical Seminars on the above areas (the ITSM and Herbal Science and Living) where the Rohini’s Educationalist team offers the wealth of their Knowledge and resources for the Students and Teaching community to benefit from.

Research Support

Rohini R&D team offers a very open-handed friendly support to several Research students from various Academic Institutions who wants pursue research in different aspects of Herbal Science and Living. The team guides the students right from picking-up a suitable and relevant area of research to extending all available resources within Rohini’s reach to help the students successfully complete the projects.

Health Magazine

A monthly Health Magazine published since 2000 by Rohini, offers a wealth of information on Healthy and Resourceful Living along with elaborate highlights on the goodness of ITSM.