• With a business model built based on highly Ethical policies and Moral standards, Rohini’s continually expanding team of professional business mentors who are in-turn pioneer Rohini entrepreneurs, provide a strong and valuable support model for aspiring and budding new business owners.
  • Rohini, as an organization with a vision to enable a Happy Health Humanity, offers a comprehensive support system to establish and enrich Herbal Entrepreneurs.


  • And internally, the Organization’s Business development team initiates or collaborates with Rohini’s top performing members to offer sales and business based training programs along with Humanity based services.
  • Rohini also has an In-house education system to provide individuals the option to go through structured certificate programs to upgrade their qualification and thus add an attested value to their business activities and service offerings. These certificate programs are accredited and affiliated with Pioneer Educational Institutions.


  • Health camps, Health Awareness training, Preventive Health Care workshops, Guided support to establish a Healthy Lifestyle, are some of the specialty services offered by Rohini. Well qualified and highly experience doctors and physicians, in-house or externally collaborated, work together with the Business team.


  • Rohini’s strong association with Governmental, Non-Governmental, Public and Private sector organizations provide a huge value of knowledge and resources to achieve our common goal of Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Living, for All.
  • Knowledge and Personnel based Resources from our In-house R&D and Holistic Health Care Center also complements the Business and Service based activities.