The Opportunity


Rohini offers excellent business opportunity to become a successful Herbal Entrepreneur through our Rohini Economy Plan (REP) where aspiring Entrepreneurs can start and run their business with very minimum investment at ease of their own time.

We offer a comprehensive range of Herbal Health & Personal Care products and a registered entrepreneur ready to join the Rohini team will undergo thorough training on the products and its user benefits along the a start-up training on the selling opportunities to earn their desired income.

Rohini’s team of business development trainers will guide members of the Business team through every step of their Business progression. And, members can always take up the mentorship offered by their localized pioneers of the business.

To Begin


To enter into Rohini’s business circle, pick-up Our Membership Kit that has the start-up information, an application form, business plans, your leads for earning opportunities and different services that Rohini offers to “begin and grow”.

You may then register with the Rohini Business team and take home your First package of Rohini’ Herbal Health products with a very minimum cost or investment.

This initial package can serve as the opportunity for Rohini’s valuable health products, to enter Your Own daily routine or serve to resolve your or your kin’s health issues or help you become a proud business owner that you aspired to be.

You can pick up your Membership kit from:

Any Rohini Health Club member

Any Rohini Distribution Centre Coordinator

Any of the Health Franchise Points

Any of Rohini’s Branch Offices

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    • Aspiring Entrepreneur should be at a minimum age of 15 years.
    • Rohini will provide all required guidance with regard to the regulatory compliance involved in the sales and services associated with Herbal Health Care Products.
    • Entrepreneurs can pursue Rohini’s business along with other ongoing or alternate profession. However its mandatory as part of the registration process to notify the organization about the same.
    • Required standard guideline and suitable support will be given to each one of entrepreneurs to ensure sustainable growth.
    • All registered members must undergo the recommended training and meetings which would be announced from time to time to stay updated on various aspects of the business.